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Avoid A Drunk Driving Conviction

You may have arrived at this web page after a traffic stop, a visit to the jailhouse or hearing over allegations of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). You are right to seek out legal counsel as soon as possible because these charges are much more serious than a typical traffic violation. For your future’s sake, it is important to pursue the most skillful defense you can find.

Both the civil and criminal aspects of a DUI case deserve your determined self-defense efforts. We understand that your driving privileges matter a great deal to you. We are interested in helping you recover or preserve your driving privileges and avoid having a criminal conviction on your record.

At Star Law PC, our legal team has defended first-time and repeat offenders. We provide urgent assistance to clients who have lost their personal or commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) after a traffic stop.

Attorneys In Pursuit Of The Right Results For You

Your case may include complications beyond your DUI charges, such as:

  • Drug possession or distribution charges
  • The seizure of your car or other personal property
  • The potential loss of your immigration status

We will vigorously protect your interests in these and other extenuating circumstances.

As a former prosecutor, our founder, Michael Starosto, has seen it all from the other side of the equation. Thanks to his experience as our foundation, we are prepared to help you find relief through civil law administrative processes and in any criminal justice forum, such as:

  • An attempted interrogation by investigators or police officers (Hint: Don’t try to tell your story! Let us do that for you.)
  • A Department of Motor Vehicles hearing for the purpose of reclaiming your driving privileges while your case is in progress (You have a limited time frame within which to make this request.)
  • A hearing before a prosecutor
  • A trial before a judge and/or jury
  • An appeal

Preserve Your Driving Privileges And Clean Record

We understand what is at stake after you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our defense lawyers are ready to fight for a better future for you after this frightening ordeal of a DUI arrest or traffic stop.

To schedule a consultation, call 678-433-9717 or complete our online inquiry form. The sooner you get legal help, the greater chances you will have for a favorable outcome, such as probation or a case dismissed.