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Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Firm News |

This is the most common question I, or any attorney, get asked. Either because people think they can do something themselves because “it seems straightforward” or they are worried the cost of an attorney will be far too high.  

The short answer is YES.  

It’s never a good idea to represent yourself in court in any legal matter no matter how simple it might seem. The legal system is full of small requirements and deadlines that can be daunting to most people. Plus you are typically faced with a party that does have a lawyer and isn’t looking out for your best interest. As a former judge of mine was very fond of say, “It’s hard to say you had a bad lawyer if you represent yourself and have a bad outcome.”  

Whether it’s a criminal charge where your liberty is at stake or a civil issue where it’s your family, children or personal property at risk you need an advocate in your corner. At Star Law, I’m here to be that advocate for you. Call today and let me help you through your legal trouble.